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Remedial Hand Massage


Choose from the following categories to discover all that we have to offer.

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Massage & Bodyworks

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage

Release tension & restore damaged, knotted or immobile muscles

Hot Stone Back Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Fall into deep relaxation as warm stones melt away tension and pain

Reflexology Foot Massage

Reflexology Massage

Gentle pressure on reflex points to stimulate energy & release blockage

Reiki Energy Healing Feet

Reiki & Energy Healing

Works with the body's natural energy to increase flow and remove blockages

Deep Tissue and Sports Massage

Deep Tissue & Sports Massage

Releases tension in the deeper layers of muscle tissue

Craniosacral Therapy Head

Craniosacral Therapy

Gentle touch that relieves tension in the central nervous system

Cupping Scar Tissue Release

Scar Tissue Release

Natural, pain-free treatment to reduce scar tissue appearance and adhesions

Ear Candling woman

Ear Candling Session

Non-invasive and relaxing treatment for removing built-up ear wax

Pregnancy Massage On Side

Pregnancy Massage

Eases pregnancy-related symptoms & promotes physical/emotional nurturing

Cupping Therapy on Back

Cupping Therapy

The application of cups to remove tension and toxins from the body

Zen Shiatsu Massage

Zen Shiatsu Massage

Uses acupressure to release tension and brings balance to the body

Dry Needling Treatment

Dry Needling

Offers relief from musculoskeletal pain & muscle tension

Massage & Bodywork

Clinical Services

Naturopathy Herbs

Clinical Naturopathy

Prevention & treatment of illness using lifestyle changes & herbal medicine.

Counselling Session

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Holistic and Therapeutic Counselling for Individuals, Couples and Families

Nutrition planner and food

Nutritional Medicine

Utilizing food & nutrients as medicine to prevent disease and promote well-being

Hypnotherapy Haberfield Health

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Used to treat and alleviate a variety of physical and psychological symptoms

Japanese Acupuncture

Japanese Acupuncture

Incorporating Chinese Medicine and Moxibustion to heal the body

Clinical Services

Specialised Programs 

Strong Bones Program

5-Week Program that encompasses yoga therapy & nutritional medicine for strong bones

Woman with Fertility Test

Natural Fertility Program

Personalised program comprising of naturopathy & acupuncture treatments to support fertility

Skin Health Program

6 Week Skin Health Program

Comprehensive program combining in-clinic treatments & internal health strategies to rejuvenate skin

Woman Weight Management with Scales

Natural Weight Management

Nutritional plan to promote the body's ability to improve metabolism, stabilize blood sugar & absorb nutrients

Woman Yoga Therapy Pose

Yoga Therapy Program

One-on-one Yoga Therapy tailored to ease your pain, stiffness, and improve mobility

Woman with Adrenal Burnout

Beat Adrenal Burnout

Designed to support those experiencing adrenal fatigue & hormonal imbalance

Specialised Programs

Natural Skin Spa

Happy Woman Clear Skin

Initial Skin Consultation

Uncover your specific needs and concerns to be addressed throughout your treatment

Spa Woman Facial

Express 30 min Facial

A flash facial using Australian-made Dermatonics skincare to quickly renew and restore the complexion

LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy

Brighten the complexion and stimulate your skin's healing process with our non-invasive LED therapy

Lip & Eye Mask

Revive Eye & Lip Treatment

This treatment instantly plumps the lips and helps to smooth fine lines around the delicate eye area.

Man Clear Skin

The Signature Facial

Our signature facial created to deliver deeply nourished skin and create pure relaxation

Man With Skin Care

Man Express Facial

Designed for men, this facial uses scientifically formulated Dermatonics skincare to deeply restore hydration

High Frequency Facial

High Frequency Treatment

Improve texture, tone and glow as our high frequency facial gently stimulates oxygen deep in your skin

Hand Treatment

Rejuvenating Hand Treatment

Our rejuvenating hand treatment will focus on treating those fine lines, sun spots & dryness.

La Mav Skin Care Face Mask

The Ritual Facial

Relax and rejuvenate with this results-focused facial that scientifically-proven skincare that gets results

Rezenerate Nano Facial

Rezenerate Nano Facial

Using rezenerate technology, this treatment delivers anti-aging and collagen stimulating results

Spa Woman with White Face Mask

Nourishing Face & Hair Treatment

Aromatherapy facial steam clean, a hydrating facial sheet mask and a high frequency hair stimulating treatment.

Skin Nutrition Consultation

Skin Nutrition Consultation

Working from the inside out, let us guide you to adapt your lifestyle and achieve your dream skin

Natural Skin Spa
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